Vanamõisa Handicraft Fair

In addition to more than 300 craftsmen o ering a diverse range of products you can participate in exciting
crafts workshop throughout the day. At the spectacular Estonian Food Tent, about 100 of the best Estonian farm and
organic producers will o er their products. Partake in this year’s fresh harvest, enjoy genuine farm food on the spot, or get enough goods to  ll your pantry.

Take part in exciting activities and
enjoy a varied entertainment program throughout the day.
Two beloved Estonian bands – Folkmill and Tr a  cwill each give a spectacular performance in the evening.
Tickets 5 €, from 6 PM 8 €
Children not taller than 140cm FREE
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NB! If you stay a night from Friday (21.08) to Saturday (22.08) at Caravanpark, you will have free entrance to the event!